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How can I use AI to create product photos that align with my brand?


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into everyday business operations is becoming increasingly common. Brands across various industries are leveraging AI to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. However, a frequently asked question arises: how can we differentiate AI-generated output and maintain our unique brand identity?

In this article, we’ll explore how you can consistently generate product photos using Studio Global’s AI Photographer.

Step 1: Upload Your Product Image

The journey towards creating an AI-generated product photo begins by uploading an image of your product onto the platform. Make sure the product image is clear and high resolution as it represents the foundational image for the AI to work on.

Step 2: Draw Inspiration from Other Product Photos

Before moving on to customizing your output, take some time to get inspired by other product photos. These could be from your previous campaigns or those of other brands that resonate with your brand’s aesthetics. By doing so, you’re able to guide the direction in which you want your AI-generated images to go.

Here are a few websites that you can explore to find inspiration for product photography:

Step 3: Input Prompt and Upload Reference Image

The next step involves inputting a prompt and uploading a reference image on Studio Global’s AI Photographer. The prompt provides textual guidance for the kind of photo you’re aiming for, while the reference image offers visual cues about the desired aesthetic.

You might wonder why a reference image is necessary when there’s already base product image and prompt in place. Herein lies its importance – it dictates the overall color tone and texture of your final output!

To illustrate this point further, let’s consider a few examples where we use the same prompt but different reference images.

For all the subsequent examples, we utilized the following prompts:

on sand, next to cactus, desert and sky in the background, realistic, photo style

The resulting images significantly differ in their overall look & feel even though they were generated based on identical prompts! This demonstrates how powerful reference images are in ensuring consistency across all generated images.

Time To Experiment!

Now that you know how it works, it’s time for you to put these steps into action! Play around with different combinations of prompts and reference images until you find what best represents your brand aesthetics.

Once done experimenting, don’t forget to share these stunning outputs with us! We’d love nothing more than seeing our AI Photographer being used creatively by brands like yours!

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