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All-in-one GenAI tool

Not just another ChatGPT app

Studio Global takes care of your brand’s product shots, on-branded content, prompts sharing, and more – all within the same app.

Image AI

Product Shots

AI Product Shots help you to generate the background of product photos.

You’ll get unique, studio-quality backgrounds (& product photo shots / photography) in seconds.

Text AI

Brand Voice

Brand Voice will instruct AI to write the content according to the brand tone and style. It helps to keep all of your content on-branded.

You’ll make AI talk the same way just like you!

Image AI

Remove Background

AI Background Remover helps you to erase image backgrounds.

You’ll get an image with transparent background, and use it to generate different backgrounds within the app.

Text AI

Chat with GPT-4 & Claude

AI Chat lets you choose between different AI models, like GPT-3.5 turbo, GPT-4, GPT-4 Turbo, and Claude.

You’ll always have access to the newest AI models in the market!

Text AI

Prompt Library

Prompt Library sources the best prompts that ensure high-quality generations from AI.

You’ll get the most powerful prompts, and manage/share with your team.

The Ultimate All-in-One AI Marketing Solution You'll Ever Need

Create 10x Faster, Better, Smarter

Quality content with consistency

Consistency is the key to crushing your content marketing game. Keep your content top-notch and true to your brand, so your message shines bright like a star.

Create content faster than others

Time flies when you’re having fun, but content creation for various channels and languages can keep you grounded. Let our AI roll up its sleeves, taking your content game to astonishing speeds.

Take it global with multi-language

No borders can hold back your brilliance. Showcase your great products to the world with locally-flavored content that speaks to hearts across the planet.

Our offering

AI Photographer

AI Copywriter

Our numbers speak for themselves

Content generated


Studio Global has produced over 100 million words and counting.

Size of our software


Over 10,000 users and counting make up our diverse platform.

Our reach


Serving users in over 40 different countries.

Our team and I have been using Studio Global and we absolutely LOVE it!

Natalie ChowCo-Founder at KIBO

Studio Global saves my team time and makes our execution more efficient, allowing us to be more strategic. I would highly recommend Studio Global to any marketers looking for a reliable and efficient AI marketing software.

Rochelle BorchmanHead of Global Marketing, Globber

Studio Global is an impressive AI tool that generates quality content, saving me time and effort. A game-changer for anyone in digital marketing.

Tony LamFounder at ALGOGENE

Yes, all you have to do is hit that little button