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Instruct AI better and get better generations

Prompt Library sources the best prompts that ensure high-quality generations from AI.

Studio Global’s Prompt Library let you manage and share the best prompts for your team.

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Best Prompts

+ Prompts Management

= Prompt Library

Why prompt library is important for AI-related works

Prompt Library provides the prompts that instruct AI in better generations.

Save your prompts, share them with teammates, and create content more collaboratively.

Best Prompts

Save time from prompt engineering

Studio Global sources the best prompts – simply choose from the library without hustle.

These prompts are hand-picked & left with variables.

Custom Prompt

Manage your own custom prompts

Prompt library lets you create and store customized prompts.

Keep a book of your own prompts and never lose them!

Share Prompts

Managing prompts across teams

Everyone is using different prompts and it is a mess to manage and standardize output.

Share & use the same prompt in the library to avoid “mess prompting”.

Use the best prompts from top engineers

Studio Global hand-picked the best prompts with the best use cases.

All you have to do is choose a prompt that resonates with you and your content goals. It’s like having a personal content curator right at your fingertips!

Create and store your custom prompts

Create and store the prompts you use regularly.

Imagine having a handy tool that allows you to easily jot down all those brilliant content prompts that pop into your head at the most inconvenient times.

Manage and share prompts with the team

Let your teammates use the prompt you’ve created and get similar results.

By sharing your brilliant prompts, you’re not only saving your teammates from the agony of staring at a blank screen, but you’re also ensuring that your whole team is on the same page when it comes to content creation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Studio Global's Prompt Library?

Prompt Library is a feature that provides the best-performing instructions for you to choose and get better generations from AI.

It also lets you create & store your customized prompts and share them with your teammates.

It is similar to what ChatGPT and AIPRM offers.

How do you access Prompt Library?

You can access Prompt Library under “Chat”. Prompts are categorized by different functions, like Content, SEO, SEM, PR, etc.

Why is Prompt Library important?

Prompt Library saves time from searching and validating whether a prompt would work.

It also enables prompt sharing across teams for more standardized content generation.

Is there alternatives for AIPRM in ChatGPT?

Studio Global’s prompt library is an alternative to AIPRM. It lets you choose, store, and share prompts with your team.

How many prompts can I store and share?

You can create and share as many Prompts as you need.

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