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Being a heavy user of AI, I use it for almost everything from making marketing content, to writing essays and even replying to messages.

However, the problem I have always faced is, generic AI like ChatGPT, it doesn’t sound like me, or the brand.

In this article, I am going to show you how to make AI create content like your (or brand’s) style.

Using Studio Global’s Brand Voice

The secret weapon is Studio Global’s Brand Voice. It first helps to detect a specific writing style, and then it instructs the AI to write exactly like the style.

1. Copy & paste a paragraph you want AI to mimic the style

Go to and click “New” to add a new brand voice. Then, paste a paragraph on the input field.

2: Let AI detect your voice and writing style

Based on the content you pasted, AI will automatically detect your writing style.

3: Save and select the right Brand Voice for the AI

Give a name to the brand voice, and click “Save”. Now, it will be available for choosing in your Chat conversation!

Example of AI content in different writing styles

Let’s ask AI to generate an answer about “What is Brand Voice” using different writing styles.


Brand voice refers to the distinct personality, style, and tone of communication that a brand uses to engage with its audience. It encompasses the language, vocabulary, and overall approach a brand takes in its messaging, whether it’s through written content, social media posts, or advertising.


Brand voice is like the personality and style that a brand uses to talk to its audience. It’s all about how the brand communicates and the kind of tone it uses. You know, like how some brands are all formal and serious, while others are more relaxed and friendly?


The above examples are very basic styles – Brand Voice can mimic more comprehensively and tailor the content to a specific target audience.

Brand voice is the easiest way to make ai create content like you (or your brand’s) style.