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The increasing popularity of AI chat platforms has left many Chinese users searching for accessible options in their region. This blog post highlights one of the best free AI chat solutions available in Hong Kong and China: Studio Global AI.

A Free AI Chat That Doesn’t Need Any VPN

Studio Global AI is an excellent choice for Chinese users seeking a powerful and accessible free AI chat. Here’s why it’s worth considering:

Key Features

Studio Global offers a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools that extend far beyond basic chat functionality:

AI Chat

Engage in natural, fluid conversations with state-of-the-art AI models, including the advanced GPT-4o and GPT-4-Turbo. These cutting-edge language models provide intelligent, context-aware responses for various queries and tasks.

AI Search

Harness the power of AI to conduct online searches on your behalf. This feature allows you to ask the AI to scour the internet for specific information, saving you time and effort in research tasks.

Brand Voice

Tailor the AI’s communication style to align perfectly with your brand’s unique personality. This customization ensures consistent tone and messaging across all your AI-generated content.

Prompt Library

Explore an extensive collection of pre-crafted prompts designed to inspire and guide your interactions with the AI. This feature is handy for users who want to maximize the potential of the AI chat but may be unsure how to formulate effective prompts.


Access a robust set of editing tools designed to refine and polish AI-generated content. These tools help you perfect your text, ensuring it meets your exact specifications and quality standards.


Streamline your content creation process with various pre-designed templates. These ready-to-use formats cover a range of common content types, allowing you to quickly produce professional-quality material.

Advanced AI Models

The platform utilizes GPT-4o and proprietary models, staying at the forefront of AI technology. This ensures that users anywhere in the world can take advantage of cutting-edge AI capabilities.

User-Friendly Interface

The platform provides a fully localized experience with both traditional and simplified Chinese user interfaces, making it easy for users to navigate.

Multilingual Support

As a Hong Kong-based company, Studio Global provides 24/7 Chinese customer support via in-app chat for any issues users may encounter while using the app.

Pros and Cons


  • Free trial up to 30,000 words per month
  • Unlimited text generation plan priced at $19/month or $180/year ($15/month)
  • 25% more cost-effective than ChatGPT
  • Accessible in Hong Kong and China without requiring a VPN
  • Comprehensive feature set for content creation and business needs


  • Limited to Google login, requiring a Gmail account for registration


Studio Global AI presents an excellent opportunity for users to explore advanced AI chat capabilities. With its user-friendly interface, robust feature set, and accessibility within Hong Kong and China, it’s a compelling choice for those seeking a powerful AI assistant. We encourage readers to take advantage of the $1 offer for the first month and experience the benefits of Studio Global AI firsthand.


1. What is Studio Global?

Studio Global is an AI-powered platform that offers a range of tools including chat, content creation, and editing features. It’s designed to be accessible and user-friendly for Chinese-speaking users.

2. What features does Studio Global have?

Studio Global offers several key features:

  • AI Chat: Engage in conversations with advanced AI models
  • Brand Voice: Customize the AI’s tone to match your brand
  • AI Search: Ask AI to go online and search information you need
  • Editor: Tools for refining and improving AI-generated content
  • Templates: Pre-designed formats for various content types
  • Project Management: Organize and manage AI-assisted work

3. What is Studio Global’s pricing?

While Studio Global offers a free tier with up to 30,000 words per month, they also have paid plans. The platform currently offers an unlimited text generation plan priced at $19/month or $180/year ($15/month). For detailed pricing information, it’s best to check their official website as prices may vary based on selected features and subscription duration.