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How can I increase the click-through rate (CTR) on my e-commerce store?


In the bustling world of e-commerce, product images are the equivalent of a store’s window display. They serve as your first point of contact with potential customers and play a crucial role in capturing their attention.

You might have heard about the importance of product images, but have you ever wondered exactly what they do and how they can be optimized to yield better results?

In this article, we’ll explore how you can increase click-through rates on your e-commerce store by utilizing product photos.

Why Product Images Are Important?

Product images carry more weight than you may realize. They are not just static visuals; they serve multiple purposes that contribute significantly to your e-commerce store’s success.


1. Improve Click-through Rate

The journey from browsing to purchasing begins with a single click. Your product image is often the first interaction consumers have with your brand, so it needs to be captivating enough to encourage them to click and explore further.

2. Deliver Basic Product Visual Information

A picture speaks a thousand words – especially when it comes to online shopping where customers cannot physically touch or inspect the products. High-quality images provide essential visual information about what you’re selling, helping customers make informed decisions.

e.g. Detailed product description on

3. Expression of Brand Identity

Your product images also act as ambassadors for your brand identity. Through these visuals, you can communicate your brand’s ethos, style, and values – factors that help differentiate you from competitors.

e.g. Balmuda’s product images that clearly reveals the brand identity

5 Ways To Create E-commerce Product Images That Increase Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Now that we’ve established why product images are so important let’s delve into how we can optimize them for maximum impact:

1. High Resolution

Pixelated or blurry photos simply won’t cut it in today’s visually driven marketplaces! High-resolution pictures convey professionalism and quality assurance which instills trust among shoppers.

e.g. product images in 1024 x 1024px VS 256 x 256px

If each platform recommends a specific product image size, please create and upload product photos accordingly. If there are no recommended image sizes, we recommend using product images with a minimum width and height of 600px. Photos below 500px may appear blurry or have reduced image quality when displayed.

2. Background & Lighting

A well-lit photo with an eye-catching background accentuates the features of your product without distracting from it. The background should complement and accentuate the features of your product without stealing the limelight. It should be visually appealing, yet not so busy or distracting that it takes away attention from the main subject.

Furthermore, the background can be used creatively to tell a story or convey a specific mood. For instance, if you are selling outdoor camping gear, a background depicting a serene forest or a scenic mountain range can evoke a sense of adventure and excitement.

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3. Emphasize the Key Features of the Product

Ensure that your photos effectively showcase all the important features and benefits of the product. This can be achieved by taking close-up shots or zooming in on specific elements.

You can also use the background creatively, like in the example above where a drink containing wild berries is placed next to berries, or a water cushion is showcased against a water-themed backdrop.

Incorporate props that reflect the unique characteristics of the product or create a photo with a background that enhances its appearance. By doing so, you can further highlight the distinctive qualities. Even if the product image is displayed in a small size, it will immediately convey the unique selling point of our product visually!

4. Various Angles And Viewpoints

Showcasing products from different angles gives customers a comprehensive understanding of what they’re buying – almost like they’re examining it in their hands! Include front view, side views, back view, top-down view – leave no angle unexplored! Additionally consider using lifestyle shots (images where products are used in real-life scenarios). This helps buyers visualize how these items would fit into their lives making them more likely to make a purchase.

5. Maintain Brand Consistency

Ensure all pictures adhere to a consistent style guide that reflects your brand’s identity – this includes consistency in colors, filters used (if any), angles shot from etcetera.

By incorporating these tips into creating your e-commerce product images not only will you see an increase in click-through rates but also potentially higher conversion rates as well! Remember: quality visuals are an investment that pays off in the long run.

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