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AI has become a game-changer in various sectors, and marketing is no exception. It’s difficult to come across companies, regardless of their size, that don’t utilize AI marketing tools to promote their brands or products.

If you’re a content creator, an e-commerce entrepreneur, or an in-house marketer, it’s crucial to incorporate AI-powered marketing tools into your business strategy. By doing so, you can develop a highly effective marketing strategy that enables you to reach your goals at a quicker pace.

What is an AI Marketing Tool?

So, you’ve likely heard of AI marketing tools. But what exactly are they? Simply put, AI marketing tools are software programs that use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help businesses improve their marketing strategies and implementation. These tools can automate tedious processes, analyze data, and provide insights that help businesses run marketing campaigns smoothly.

The most striking feature of these tools is that this entire process occurs without human intervention. This capacity to make lightning-fast automated decisions is what makes AI marketing tools so powerful for businesses.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 AI marketing tools:

Top 5 Powerful AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Studio Global AI Copywriting Tool Cross language content generation

1. Studio Global

Studio Global is an AI-empowered marketing tool that is designed for cross-market marketing campaigns. This software is capable of generating compelling copy for ads, emails, landing pages, and content across multiple platforms in over 40 languages.

To use Studio Global, simply input a few seed words and the platform will analyze them to create phrases, paragraphs, and documents that match the subject and tone of your brand. In fact, you have the option to customize the content’s tone to refine the output further.

Studio Global AI Copywriting Tool

The platform has more than 20 AI content generation templates, including Google ad copies, blog posts, emails, Instagram posts, Facebook ad copies, Naver ad copies, Yahoo ad copies, meta titles and descriptions, YouTube video titles and descriptions, and much more. You can use any of these templates to produce a long-form blog article in under a minute, regardless of the language.

The differentiator with other AI copywriting platforms is that Studio Global empowers businesses to expand their reach globally by providing 40+ language options and unique content generation templates such as Japanese email, Naver and Yahoo ad copies.


2. ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is an AI speech software that allows you to create realistic and emotional voices for any stories, news articles, podcasts, or videos. Its cutting-edge technology employs deep learning to produce natural-sounding speech from any text input.

While currently only available in English, users can create their own unique voice by customizing voices according to specific needs and preferences. Additionally, users can experiment with different styles, emotions, and accents to tailor their voices to the desired effect.


3. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is a chatbot platform that enables business owners to create AI-powered chatbots on their websites, as well as on Messenger and Instagram. This platform helps in automating frequently asked questions and qualifying leads before connecting them to live sales agents if they are ready to buy.

Chatfuel also offers integrations with numerous third-party tools, such as Calendly, Shopify, or Google Sheets. In case you require a custom integration for your system, they also provide an API.

surfer SEO

4. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a tool that helps analyze search engine result pages by comparing and analyzing your website with the ones currently ranking at the top of search results. This tool utilizes a data-driven approach to identify the gaps in your website that need improvement. Surfer SEO also uses Google’s BERT method to evaluate keywords and boasts over 500 ranking metrics for content analysis.


5. Brand24

Brand24 is a tool for managing your brand’s online reputation that utilizes sentiment detection. It monitors the places where your brand is referenced and enables you to respond to customer feedback, both positive and negative.

The web-based dashboard offers valuable customer insights, email notifications, influencer analyses, automated and customized PDF reports, infographics, and numerous other features.

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