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Background Remover

Erase image backgrounds and generate a new, eye-catching background.

No credit card required

3 simple steps to remove and change image backgrounds for ecommerce products, humans / animals / objects

Step 1

Upload an image

Just upload your images and Studio Global will work its magic to remove the background.

Step 2

Choose a style

Choose from themes, enter a prompt, or upload a reference image.

Step 3

Change Background

Studio Global AI will transform the empty removed background into anything you can image!

Instant erase background for HD images using AI

It is fast, simply upload your image and our AI will remove the background.

Easily remove backgrounds from images in seconds with our free AI online tool. Perfect for e-commerce, personal use, and high-resolution images.

Instant background change using AI

Change the background to anything you could imagine.

After background remover, you can use instant background change to generate the background for the transparent background image.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to remove background from an image?

Upload the images to in Studio Global – AI photographer. Our app use AI to detect the main products / humans / animals / objects and remove backgrounds from your images.

Is this instant background remover tool free?

Yes, you can remove background for as many images you want, and generate up to 40 images background each month.

How to instant change the background after removed background?

Choose from themes, enter a prompt, or upload a reference image. Then, click “Generate” to create backgrounds for your images!

Who should use the instant background remover tool?

As a social media manager, marketer, photographer, or entrepreneur, the Background Remover tool has the power to revolutionize your visual creation process for both business and personal projects. With a wide range of benefits, this tool is designed to assist you in crafting stunning visuals, saving valuable time, and streamlining your overall creative workflow.

Why is it important to remove the background of product pictures?

By removing the background from your product pictures, you can elevate the focus on the product itself, ensuring that it becomes the star of the show. This approach also helps maintain consistency and branding across your marketing materials, ensuring a cohesive and professional look.

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