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Background Changer

1 click to generate a professional, high-quality background of a photo with Studio Global Online Free AI photo background generator.

No credit card required

How to use AI background generator to change photo background?

Get unique, studio-quality backgrounds (& product photo shots / photography) in seconds. 🚀

Step 1

Upload an image

Studio Global AI will automatically remove the background.

Step 2

Pick background style

There are predefined themes (i.e. Marble), or enter a custom prompt or reference style image.

Step 3

Generate Background

Studio Global Background Changer AI will change the background of the photo, based on the style and prompt.

Background that matches a style

Upload a reference image to generate a background to match the brand’s style.

Just upload an image that represents your brand’s style, whether it’s a logo, a product shot, or a stunning picture that captures your essence. A background that matches your brand’s style will be generated in a snap.

Different Aspect Ratio

Generate a background of product photo shots in 1:1, 16:9 , 9:16 for Instagram post, facebook post, website and more.

Add multiple products into the background changer.
Look at the realistic shadows! It considers every object shape for background generation.

Multiple Products Photography Background Change

Add multiple products, and change the background at once.

It considers every object for the background generation – the shadows, and lightings are well blended.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I get free online background change / generator for product shots?

Upload the images to in Studio Global – AI photographer. It will automatically use AI to generate professional and high quality backgrounds for product photography.

What is the best free background changer software?

There could be a lot of options, but Studio Global is the best one. It has a lot of creative features for background generation, and the results are realistic and studio-quality. More importantly, it offers 40 images for free every month.

How to add / create background to photo online for free?

It is very simple to change / generate background for product shots photo in Studio Global. No coding / design skill is needed.

1. Upload a photo and it will automatically remove the background.

2. Choose from themes, enter a prompt, or upload a reference image.

3. Then, click “Generate” to create backgrounds.

Who should use the instant background changer / generation tool?

As a social media manager, marketer, photographer, or e-commerce entrepreneur, background changer / generator can save time and resources for photos that are professional and studio-quality.

Can AI product photos with generated background be used commercially?

Yes, you own the right for every image generated in Studio Global’s change background tool.

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